NFT basics
Superdao uses the NFT system of participation in a DAO. That means the owners of DAO's NFTs get access to the member-only content, voting, etc. A DAO can have multiple tiers of NFTs, which all grant different levels of access and various rights to the owners. Read more about tiers in What are tiers?
We recommend the NFT-first system for the new DAOs. It eliminates the need to develop an advanced token economy and allows you to simultaneously create an on-chain presence, test the demand, and motivate the community
On Superdao, you can:
Smart contracts used by Superdao are upgradable, which means you will be able to change tiers, artworks, and quantity of your NFTs later on.
We use ERC-721 NFTs. We chose ERC-721, but we operate them as ERC-1155, because this approach gives more customization options for different DAOs.
Tier system works similarly to ERC-1155, but there is more flexibility. If you want to upgrade a specific NFT, ban one NFT holder (not the whole tier), then it will work better with ERC-721.
The collections created in Superdao can be also seen on OpenSea. Airdropped artworks appear in the “Hidden” section of your OpenSea profile. Learn more about it in See airdropped NFTs on OpenSea.
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