Voting intro

Use the Voting tab to create proposals, make decisions and manage your DAO! Currently, you have two ways to create votings - on Superdao and on Snapshot. Here we will briefly explain both ways and their differences.

Adding a proposal on Superdao

If you want to create simple voting instantly, just fill in a few fields without leaving the platform. You choose from three voting types:

  • Yes/No/Abstain;

  • Single choice;

  • Multiple choice.

Here you can find detailed instructions.

Adding a proposal on Snapshot

To create more complex voting with options for assigning different voting powers to participants, use Snapshot. The voting on Snapshot is public, so everyone can see proposals without a connected wallet. Once you tap Create on Snapshot, you’ll be redirected to Snapshot.

You can find detailed instructions here.

Snapshot provides flexible voting types such as:

  • Single choice;

  • Approval voting;

  • Quadratic voting;

  • Ranked choice voting;

  • Weighted voting;

  • Basic voting.

Find more about Snapshot voting types.

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