for Telegram creates access to online communities based on NFTs, NFT attributes, tokens, and more. With this service, online communities come together and form guilds or groups to manage these private communities and start working better together. helps you control access and create membership layers for your Telegram community.

Getting started

To start your guild and manage your community, you first need to create a Telegram group where your community will be united.

  1. Log in to your Telegram account. If you don’t have one, please check out this quick guide

  2. Connect your wallet on the Guild Explorer page by pressing the Connect to a wallet button. It is essential to connect your wallet so that you can create a guild

3. Follow this link to create your guild

4. Choose Telegram and click Next. You will be redirected to the creating pag

Note that you must have a Telegram group created

5. Click the Add Guild Bot button on the guild creating page and chose the prepared Telegram group. The bot will be added to your group. It can automatically add/remove roles, create polls, send follow-up messages, and update all members' access to the guild

6. Make sure to enable admin rights for the bot

7. After setting the admin rights for the bot you will get a message inside the group containing the group ID which looks like "This is the group ID of "TestGuild": -1123456789101 . Paste it to the Guild creation interface!”

It is essential to set the group type to 'Private Group' to create a functioning Guild. If the visibility of your group is already set as private, you don't need to do anything

8. Copy your group ID and put it inside the Enter group ID field here

9. Click the Summon button

Your guild is almost ready!

Set token-gating requirements based on the NFT collection

  1. To set token-gating requirements based on the NFT collection choose the Hold an NFT option in the Requirements section.

2. Select the Polygon chain

3. Add an NFT collection address. The NFT address is the address of your NFT collection smart- contract, which can be found on Opensea.

4. Select the requirement type. To token-gate a chat to a specific membership tier, you should choose a Requirement type option. If you choose Requirement type = Amount, you can grant access to members with a specific amount of NFTs.

Also, you can use the Guild to create different groups with different levels of requirements (tiers). For example, you can give access to users who follow a certain person on Twitter

Joining the Guild

  1. Users can join your chat by clicking the Join Guild button at

2. Once a user connects a wallet and a Telegram account, they receive a link to Telegram, which they need to follow

All done!

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