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Profile vs. DAO

A Profile on Superdao is a personal identifier attached to your wallet address. Superdao profiles, or accounts, can join DAO or create their own.

When you connect a wallet, you are automatically prompted to Edit your profile

An alternative way to edit your profile is:

  • Click on your avatar on the bottom left

  • or click on the menu on your profile page and select ✏️ Edit profile

So, here you can express yourself from scratch!

1. Profile image - is generated automatically, but we encourage you to pick your own. Just drag & drop any image file or choose a local. We recommend using a square one - after uploading, it automatically becomes circular.

2. Cover image - showcase your identity with a custom banner. A wide rectangular image will work best.

The cover image may be adjusted to fit the viewer's screen, which can result in the image being trimmed horizontally or vertically. A high-quality image of recommended width and with little to no text will optimize the display across devices

3. Display Name - you may have noticed that your wallet address is displayed instead of your name. Not exactly friendly, is it? So, put your name or nickname here. If you have an ENS address, it will already appear as a name.

4. Public URL - put a beautiful Superdao address like It can match your name, but not necessarily.

5. Bio - your chance to introduce yourself to the DAOs community. The optimal text is up to 180 characters. It will be put at the top of your profile and should be up to 3 lines.

6. Email - an optional field, it would be used for notifications and updates only.

We have no access to your wallet and the funds, DAO and NFTs accordingly - the only gateway to Superdao is your access to your own wallet, and restoring access via email is not provided (let's leave it in the archaic Web2 world 😌)

7. Wallet address - a read-only field. Here is the wallet address you’ve joined Superdao with and it can’t be changed. In case you're at the beginning of your journey and have multiple wallets, double-check if you've used the right one.

8. Links - increase your presence in the community by filling out social media. Note that your personal pages are meant, not DAOs’.

Click on Save and you're all set!

Editing your profile do not require any transactions or gas fee

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