Snapshot Space

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Go to Snapshot and connect your wallet by clicking Connect Wallet

2. Enter your ENS domain and tap Register. Learn about ENS domains here

3. Enter the wallet address you want to set as the Space controller and tap the respective button

4. Fill out the required details


name that will be displayed in your space


must be the network relative to your token


the main token symbol that will be displayed in your space

5. Strategies. Currently, we support erc721 strategy, please choose the corresponding strategy

6. Please choose Polygon Mainnet, and provide the Contract address

7. Here’s how you can find it: go to Membership NFTs β€”> View on Opensea β€”> choose an NFT β€”> Details β€”> Contract Address.

8. Click Save in the strategy tab and a general Save button. Only owners of the NFT can vote now :) Note that you can only vote with the wallet you purchased the NFT with.

Congrats! You’ve created your space on Snapshot πŸŽ‰

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