NFT tiers

If for any reason you decide to delete an NFT tier in your DAO collection, you can do so in the NFT admin panel.

Deleting a tier β€” no NFTs minted

If no NFTs have been minted for this tier, it means this change will not affect any members of your DAO. After pressing the bin button in the tiers list, a dialogue box will pop up to confirm the action. Once the action is complete, the NFT tier will be permanently deleted and all information about it will be removed from the blockchain.

Deactivating a tier - some NFTs minted

If at least one NFT is minted in this tier, it means you cannot delete this tier right away. When you try to do that, the tier will first be deactivated. In this status, the NFT tier becomes invisible on the main DAO page, and NFTs of this tier cannot be sold or airdropped.

Information about this tier will not be removed from the blockchain, meaning that minted NFTs of this tier will not be deleted or broken and will continue to provide access to the DAO as before.

Deleting a deactivated tier

A deactivated tier can only be seen in the NFT admin panel. Clicking on it will take you to the deactivated tier page, where you can see all the DAO members who hold the NFT of this tier.

You can completely delete a deactivated tier only after no DAO members hold the NFT of this tier. To do so, you must first ban members who hold the NFTs of this tier from your DAO.

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