for Discord creates access to online communities based on NFTs, NFT attributes, tokens, and more. With this service, online communities come together and form guilds or groups to manage these private communities and start working better together. helps you control access and create membership layers for your Discord community.

Adding a server

To start your guild and manage your community, you first need to create a Discord server where your community will be united

  1. Log in to your Discord account

  2. Create a Discord server using the app or web version Choose Add a Server and follow the steps Create my own πŸ‘‰ For club or community. Visit to see a list of guilds or create your own

3. Connect your wallet by pressing the Connect to a wallet button. It is essential to connect your wallet so that you can create a guild

Creating a guild

  1. Once your wallet is connected and verified, you can create your own guild on the same page. To do this, press the Create Guild button and choose your Discord server

2. Add the bot to the server and give it administrator permissions. The bot can automatically add/remove roles, create polls, send follow-up messages, and update all members' access to the guild

3. Open Discord πŸ‘‰ Server Settings πŸ‘‰ Roles and make sure the bot role is at the top of the server role hierarchy. Otherwise, drag it to the top and save changes

Managing roles

You can create different types of roles for your discord community with different entry thresholds by pressing the gear wheel button


With, you can set up token-gated access to your Discord server based on NFT Properties (NFT tiers according to Superdao). Let’s say you plan to create three membership layers for your Discord community and give them three different Discord roles based on the NFT tiers of your DAO (Member, Core team, Contributor)

  • Core team members must hold 1 NFT (Core team)

  • Contributors must hold 2 NFTs (Core team, Contributor)

  • Members must hold 3 NFTs (Member, Core team, Contributor)

To do so:

  1. Click Add role

2. Click Add reward

2. Click Edit

3. Select Create a new Discord role and pick Channels to gate that you want to be visible only to users with this role

4. After that, choose a logo and name for your role. Add a description if needed

5. Since the roles will be based on NFT tiers, choose the Hold an NFT option in the Requirements section

6. Select the Polygon chain

7. Add an NFT collection address. The NFT address is the address of your NFT collection smart contract, which can be found on Opensea

8. Select the Requirement type

9. Follow the same steps for the other two roles. Make sure to enter the correct minimum amount (2 for Contributors and 3 for Members)

10. Π‘opy the link to your Guild and send it to future members

Joining a guild

  1. Click Join Guild to get roles

2. Click the Connect button to connect your wallet

3. Choose your wallet and sign the transaction

4. Sign another transaction for the verification

5. Connect your Discord account. To do so, click Connect πŸ‘‰ Authorize

6. Click Join guild

7. Go to Discord by clicking the Go to Discord button and click Join

9. Click Join once again to see your server role and permissions

You now have access to the server! You can see your role at the top right.

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