Voting powers

DAO owners can now grant tier holders different voting powers. For instance, you can make rare NFTs more influential during voting if needed.

Here’s how you can switch on this feature πŸ‘‡

Modifying voting settings on Superdao

  1. Go to Settings in your DAO profile and choose the Voting tab

2. Set voting powers for tiers. If you don’t want the tier to have voting power, set 0

3. Copy the dataset located in the Snapshot settings block and press Save changes

Adjusting settings on Snapshot

  1. After completing the setup on Superdao, go to your Space Settings on Snapshot

2. Scroll to the Strategies block and choose erc721-with-metadata-by-ownerof from the list of strategies

3. Paste the dataset you copied from the Superdao Settings block, click Save sign the transaction

Now each NFT tier has its own voting power!

Also, you can check the voting power of your DAO members. The only thing you’ll need is their wallet addresses. Here’s how you can do it πŸ‘‡

  1. Scroll down to the Strategies block in the Snapshot settings and choose your strategy from the list

2. Click Test in playground and scroll down to the Addresses block

3. Paste the wallet addresses of your DAO members into the Addresses block and click the Play button at the top right.

You can easily copy the wallet addresses of your DAO members from the CSV file that you can download from the Superdao app.

Done! Voting powers for the selected wallets will be displayed in the Results block at the top right.

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