Membership NFTs

Superdao uses NFTs system as a membership in a DAO. This means that owners of DAO's NFTs get access to the member-only content, voting, token-gated chats, etc.

A DAO can have multiple tiers of NFTs, each of them can provide different status and levels of access. For example, โ€œCore teamโ€ member can have a better role in Discord or higher voting power, while โ€œContributorโ€ only has access to general chat.

On Superdao, you can

  1. Create and edit an NFT collection with multiple tiers

  2. Airdrop NFTs by email or wallet addresses

  3. Start a Public sale or Private sale

Smart contracts used by Superdao are upgradable, which means you will be able to change tiers, artworks, and quantity of your NFTs later on.

We use ERC-721 token standard for NFTs. NFT tiers work similarly to ERC-1155, but there is more flexibility. If you want to upgrade a specific NFT, ban one NFT holder (not the whole tier), then it will work better with ERC-721.

The collections created in Superdao are seen on all marketplaces, we recommend using Opensea. Airdropped artworks appear in the โ€œHiddenโ€ section of your OpenSea profile. Learn more about it in See airdropped NFTs on OpenSea.

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