Collab.Land for Telegram

Collab.Land is a tokenized community management system. With this service, you can create your token permissioned chat.

Note that with Collab.Land you can give access either to the entire collection or to a specific token. In cases when you need to organize separated chats, groups, or subscription plans, it is better to use

Here’s how you can do that πŸ‘‡

Getting started

  1. Create a Telegram group

    • In the Telegram app, select the Messages icon in the upper right corner

    • Choose New Group

    • Add at least one member and enter a name for your group

    • Choose Create

  2. Open Edit πŸ‘‰ Chat History and choose Visible. Select Done in the upper right corner to save

  3. Choose Add Members and add @collablandbot to your group

  4. Go to Edit πŸ‘‰ Administrators and add @collablandbot as an admin

The bot should have the following settings enabled

5. Click Done to save

Setting up a chat

  1. Go to the DMs with @collablandbot and either press Start at the bottom of the screen or type "/start" in the message composer

2. Then go to Group Admin πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ Token Permissioned Chat

3. Select Add Token Permissioned Config

4. Choose the Matic network πŸ‘‰ ERC721

5. Enter the token contract address and the minimum number of tokens a member must have to access the group. You can find the token contract address on Opensea.

6. Send the contract number and the minimum number of tokens in the chat as in the message below

7. Your Token Permissioned Chat is now set up! You can add more token configurations by following the same steps

8. Now you can invite new members by using the Invitation Link. You’ll receive the link in the message from the Collab.Land bot

Joining the chat

To join the chat, each member will need to connect their wallet to the bot. Here’s how you and the people you invite can do it πŸ‘‡

  1. Select the Connect button received in the DM from the bot

2. A new window or tab will pop up in your browser with a selection of supported wallets. If you follow these instructions on your phone and want to connect your MetaMask wallet, you can do so with Wallet Connect

3. Follow the instructions to sign the connection request from the bot

4. When the wallet is successfully linked, you will see a β€œWallet Connected” message in the browser window

5. When joining a token permission group for the first time, go back to your messages from Collab.Land and press the Join Group button

Here you are! To learn how to set up Collab.Land for Discord, see our guide.

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