NFT collections

The unaided NFT collection creation is not yet live on Superdao, as we are in Private Beta. Please contact your DAO Success Manager or and we’ll create it for you!

To do this, we need the following:

  1. The artworks

Superdao supports image artworks in .png, .jpeg, .webp, .gif, .svg (up to 700kb per images) and .mp4, .webm, .quicktime, .mpeg, .ogg, .ogv, .m4v (up to 4MB per video).

You can change the artworks later. Name each file according to its tier.

File size requirements for the artworks:

2. The names of the tiers;

3. The quantity of NFTs for each tier;

4. The wallet address of the OpenSea collection admin.

In case you have an animated artwork, please provide the static version as well. We will use it as the preview picture on OpenSea

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