If you need to remove a member from the DAO, you can do it by banning them. Please note that their NFT membership will burn πŸ”₯, and this action is irreversible.

By banning someone you burn all the NFTs of that member associated with that DAO, regardless of the tiers and quantity. That also means that the total number of NFTs will lower. For example, if the tier 'Core Team' has 10 NFTs, and you ban a member who holds one of them, the new total number will be 9.

You can always invite the member back by airdropping them another NFT.

How to ban a member?

1. Go to your membership dashboard, choose the member you want to fire, click on the ellipsis, and hit the β€œBan member” button.

2. Are you sure? Their NFT membership will burn. Also, this action is irreversible.

3. Sign the smart contract, wait for a few minutes, and that’s it! The member has been banned 🚫

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