We use Ethereum and Polygon to deploy DAOs. To join a DAO or create your own, you need an ETH wallet address.

There are different wallets, but we prefer MetaMask. Here is how to set it up in a nutshell. You will need a computer and Google Chrome.

1. Go to metamask.io

2. Click the Download or Download now button

3. On the Download page, click Install MetaMask for Chrome

4. You will be redirected to the Chrome Extension page. There, click Add to Chrome and confirm the installation

5. Good job! All that's left is to set it up. Click on the fox icon 🦊 on the top right, and an extension will open

6. Click Get Started

7. If you do not have an Ethereum wallet, select Create a Wallet option. If you already have one, go to Import Wallet

8. One of the two most important steps: you need to set a strong password that's difficult to pick but easy to remember

9. The second important step is to save a sequence of 12 random words. If you forget your password, only this secret phrase will help you regain сontrol of your wallet and everything it gives you access to. It is extremely important to keep it in a safe place. Otherwise an intruder could gain access to your wallet. Write down this phrase, preferably not on a device connected to the Internet and not as a screenshot. Confirm that you recorded the words on the next page

10. Here you will see a short video tutorial and the phrase itself. Then MetaMask will check that you have it memorized by asking you to make it up from the suggested words

11. Congrats πŸŽ‰ You have one foot in the future - you own a wallet for ETH and crypto-assets!

  • Under the Account 1 header, there is a code starting with 0x... - this is your wallet address. Click on it to copy. With this wallet, you can send and receive ETH, NFT, and of course access app.superdao.co

You made it to the end! If you need to change the network to Polygon, it can be done automatically in MetaMask πŸ”„

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