Collab.Land for Discord

Collab.Land uses the power of identity through cryptocurrency to create a social space unique to a specific network of people.

Once you add the bot to your Telegram group or Discord server, it will manage members for you. Depending on whether they have tokens, they will be allowed to join the community. If they sell tokens, the bot removes them.

Note that by using Collab you can provide an access to the entire collection or to a specific token. In cases when you need to organize separated chats, groups, or subscription plans it is better to use

Here’s how you can set up the bot for Discord πŸ‘‡

Adding the Collab.Land bot

  1. Sign in to Discord

  2. Create your Discord server

  3. Set up the Discord roles you want Collab.Land to manage.

  4. Click here to add the Collab.Land bot and choose a server you want it to manage

5. Select Authorize

The Collab.Land bot will create #collabland-config and #collabland-join channels in Discord. Please don’t delete or rename them.

Configuring your token-granted roles

  1. Open Discord πŸ‘‰ Server Settings πŸ‘‰ Roles and make sure the Collab.Land role is at the top of the server role hierarchy. Otherwise, drag it to the top and save changes

2. Go to the Collab.Land web portal and log in with your Discord account

3. Pick a server from the menu on the left

4. Choose TGRs next to the server icon

5. Press the + Select role button

6. Select a Discord role and click Apply.

7. Add a chain type. Choose Polygon in the Chain Type field and ERC721 in the Token type field

8. Fill in the Address field β€” copy and paste your NFT collection address.

9. Click the Save button and that's it!

Now you can invite people to your token-gated server. Don’t forget to drop them the NFTs beforehand.

Inviting members

  1. To invite an NFT holder, go to Discord πŸ‘‰ Server Settings πŸ‘‰ Invite People

2. Press Invite next to the name from the list. In this case, your friend will automatically receive a DM with the link from you

You can also copy and send the link via Telegram or other messengers.

Joining the server

  1. To join the server, follow the invite link you received

  2. Select Join, hop on the server and click Let's go πŸ‘‰ Connect wallet πŸ‘‰ Yep!

3. After clicking Yep! you will be taken to the Collab.Land page. All you need to do is connect your wallet and sign the transaction.

4. Close the window and return to Discord to see your granted role.

Congrats, you’ve joined the server!

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